Monday, November 5, 2007

Digium Asterisk World

Its been a while since I posted here. I've been busy on Digium's corporate blog. Today, Malcolm responded to a TMC blog about Sangoma vs. Digium. Sangoma also hired our old PR firm. That is telling. We terminated them because they could no longer "cut it" with Digium but our board level competitors felt they could help them. Good for both.

So last week was Digium Asterisk World (DAW) at VON. It was incredibly successful! There were minor issues with content in the conference track, but we will fix that for Spring DAW in San Jose in March 2008. Partners and exhibitors seemed happy they took a booth there as traffic was best in years!

I was invited to join the VON Advisory Council which is a diverse group of people who all are trying to reinvent Pulver's VON for the masses and IP Communications! Stay tuned for more.

Digium is planning on some new campaigns for 2008. With Switchvox, 3Com as a partner, and NTT as a partner watch for some exciting new programs! We have some aggressive plans to proliferate open source Asterisk telephony in the mainstream. Follow and you will stay abreast of our efforts. Tell us how you like the new web site.

..the undisputable LEADER in Open Source Telephony....Digium, The Asterisk Company


MRB-PR said...

Thanks for the cheap shot, Bill! Our client (Sangoma) asked us to clear up an inaccuracy. We did that (we also did that for Digium in the past). You want to tell your side of the story, I encourage you to do that. To use this to take shots at MRB is childish.

By the way, the campaign we launched for Digium was nominated for Best B-to-B campaign of the year (in all markets, not just tech). We have stats that show it’s among the most successful campaigns of all time. That was done without a Digium marketing person (which we pushed Digium to bring in).

Funny, MRB created your job opportunity and you wouldn’t have known who Digium was without us.

Now you can do what you always wanted, take credit for Digium's growth. Your one step away from a Bond villain.

One of the reasons Mark is well liked and respected is his willingness to share the credit. It’s a classy move. You should try it sometime.

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