Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Big Move

Today was moving day at Digium. It seems like a century ago that I joined Digium (June 2006) and one of the first things I did was provide input to the new building layout. I stayed out of it mostly after that unless asked. The culmination of this was today, as all Digium Huntsville-based employees moved back into the same building. We had a major customer meeting 11 am to 4 PM, and people were walking by our meeting room with sombreros, desktop Asterisk toys, laptops and printers and boxes of stuff. It's funny how some people enjoy this moving thing, others hate it. It was fun to watch and after our meeting move myself.

Our CEO took our guest to the new building before he went back to the airport, and no doubt the prospect was blown away. Our building was designed for collaboration purposes. There are several open areas with teamwork in mind. Some departments insisted on cubes to collaborate while others have new sizable private offices after having a smaller shared space. The shiny new training center beckons students and computers and people were milling everywhere moving their personal goods ahead of the "boxes" from the other buildings.

All goods are now delivered, the network should have all ports assigned properly, and workers are fixing last minute things - elevators, coffee areas, copiers, printers, and other common areas. Yes, last minute things are in process today, but moving along nicely. Love the POE switches on our Polycom phones - less cable clutter!

Mark was setting up Markocam and his office (more on Digium corporate blog soon - The building is terrific - large areas for all, lots of room for now as we grow, conference rooms that we no longer need to fight for and all named after penguins!

There is no time for hallway and water cooler time waste, with Digium's recent Switchvox and 3Com news and Digium Asterisk World approaching, so we will be getting back to business fast. There is no doubt about Digium's commitment to collaboration in Asterisk, among employees and within the building. if you get to visit, you will see what I mean.

We are all proud of the new facility. We are proud to be part of Digium. We hope you can get to visit in the future.

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