Friday, September 14, 2007

How to Prep for Astricon, the Asterisk Users Conference

With the recent acquisition of Sokol and Associates, Digium employees now more than just attend and sponsor Astricon, the premier event for the "converted" - those already drinking from the Asterisk firehose of the world's most popular open source IP Telephony Software, Digium is the proud operator of this event! With less than one week to go, we are approaching the first Digium-operated version of the event on the heels of 5 other Sokol run events.

So what does it mean? It means boxes are everywhere. With all the giveaways, from a white paper on echo cancellation to lots of Asterisk Swag, it's all over the marketing area, the storage areas, and in a couple of the marketing offices! All the lucky attendees at Astricon, being held this year in Phoenix, will receive lots of Asterisk related stuff. It will be both fun, educational, and productive with software licenses being given to those who visit us for G.729 and HPEC. Visit

What else do we do to prepare? Clear our schedules in Huntsville for the week of August 24-28! Make sure our office areas are packed! We are moving as soon as we return into our new building (See earlier post). We will all be back together as Engineering and Product Quality have been in another building since January.

With major announcements looming, marketing is again at work. Prep the analysts, prep and embargo the press. Make sure all the questions are answered. Prepare Mark Spencer for his closing day keynote on "Asterisk Adventures" - typically the most lively and attended event of the week. Always an adventure!
More details..... is the hotel all set? ..........Speakers still committed? Any changes? ................How will the competitors handle Digium as the event owner? Is the party all ready? ..........Welcome to Digium Marketing's world. We love it!

Visit Digium's new corporate blog at

See you at Astricon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Digium now has a corporate blog!

I started this blog earlier this summer. We have had plans to get Digium's corporate blog going an today we launched it. For those who like the human interest stories, please visit this new blog at

You may check out the stories below on this blog as a precursor to the Digium blog.
Our motto: "You can't make this stuff up!" is one way to describe the daily action at Digium.

I will slightly modify the direction of my blog here so look for a name modification sometime soon. I'd like to thank my readers for stopping by. I will continue to focus on human interest stories, market updates for VoIP, Unified Communications and Collaboration, and will share interesting data points about open source, VoIP, UC, the markets, and anything else that complements Digium's blog. I will strive for unique angles.

For those of you interested in Asterisk, check out: Tradeshow and conference for "All things Asterisk" for the community and the already Asterisk converted! In Phoenix, September 25-28. The tradeshow inside a tradeshow for business at VON, Boston October 29-Nov 1. Look for "Bold Innovation Awards" on our web site and if you have a great Asterisk application, please submit your application on our website

And of course, Digium and Asterisk:

Bye for tonight!