Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quite a Week so far

This week took us on a private flight to North Carolina to a soon-to-be announced partner. We flew two private planes, me as a passenger as I am not a pilot. Mark Spencer was also a passenger but in the other plane. As we flew over the skies of southeastern US, Mark tackled the radio. He was the voice of one of our planes as it was his first ever flight doing this extracurricular activity. It was actually quite comical and funny but he did great. Mark's Pilot, our VP Sales, had to basically battle Mark to take ownership back in order to land. For those who are not pilots or don't get to ride shotgun in one, it's a little nerve racking with air traffic all over the place and you need to have full control to land in case of emergency arising. It was interesting. I loved the trip. It is my second time recently.

After great team meetings, we returned to Huntsville and upon arrival, the Osspry Helicopter was just arriving as well for demonstrations at Space Camp this week. What a marvelous machine. We did get to see it close up, as our plane landed just before the Osspry and we parked right next to it in the small General Aviation plane lot.

Back to seriousness. Digium is getting ready for NxtComm next week in Chicago. We have lots going on as we begin strategic movement in service provider networks.
We are also getting ready for a summer of very strong announcements from OEM relationships, to our new building, to organization to products. Very exciting times.

The glass in our new building is close to all in. It looks great. The picture here shows the artists conception. I will show actual picture soon.

Lots of customers and press talking about Avaya being sold to private equity for $8.2B. Certainly validates our markets. For Digium, we are well-prepared for the next wave of telephony because our model is superior to that of Avaya. Why would private equity over pay? Because the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole. We do believe customers will be uneasy for some time.

Off for now. back again soon!

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