Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cbeyond+Digium+Polycom Seminar

Last night we did a joint seminar in Atlanta, with keynotes by both Chris Gatch, CTO of CBeyond and Mark Spencer CTO and founder of Digium. The unique twist was we drive from Huntsville to Atlanta in the Monday, and back this morning - Tuesday. Of course, Atlanta freeway system did not disappoint: 25,000 pounds of frozen food spread out on side of I75. Ugly.

At the event, great crowd, very solid audience, and we gave away 3 of our appliances in a raffle. of course, they are in beta, so we will send later. Great BBQ. Beer, Iced Tea, BBQ and good friends.

Today, Avaya was acquired by a private equity firm for $8.2B. With revenues of $5.2B, and a strong market position, it reminds me of Digital equipment. Will Digium and other open source based companies enabled by Digium's Asterisk penetrate Avaya's markets and terminate their growth? Sure will be fun at Digium. Disruption in Motion. Cisco, NT, Avaya.....Digium and Asterisk enjoy talking to your customers!

Watch out for our growth in services, training, events, and appliances that scale.

Watch out for our upcoming partnership announcements.

Watch out for the re-birth of our ecosystem growth.

We are targeting new growing markets, turning Mark Spencer loose on Asterisk innovation, and we are on a mission.

One funny story to end with. The last question of the night last night to Mark, "What will your revenues be this year?" After minutes of laughter, Mark told his questioner, "You can't have that on a 1st date!" The room broke out in laughter and the CBeyond moderator ended it right then and there. If I only had a video for uTube!

We had two major partners here in Huntsville tonight that we are moving into deeper partnerships with and had a great dinner tonight.

Yes, activity is at a high point.

Just another day at Digium. You really can't make this stuff up!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have worked for cbeyond for 6 months the worst job possible for a new college grad. The company as a whole push employee to hit 60 small business door a day. they have the worst service as possible i have several customer complaints with there services not working. they dont care about the customer at all. the employee's sales activity manager(SAM) pushes to get a sale. they will give the customer all kinds of coupons for the services. they can give it to you no matter what the deals is. They will make the customer like fool for running there business the way they have ran it for the longest. worst company to work with both as client and employee. they also have what is called a program call PIP when an employee does not meet there quota. they will force you to quit. worst possible no doubt about it. they have mapped out the area of houston, katy, pearland, and other areas. they will ruin your business. if you have an appointment with there employees please print this out and hand it to the individual. you will e tied into a 1-3 year contract with them and you don't want that at all.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Cbeyond still acts that way in 2013. They will always be known as an employer of the churn and burn philosophy.

Anonymous said...

This company is the worst!!!

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