Friday, March 19, 2010

Will the iPad be a business or enterprise device?

Apple has the history to be a major disruptor of markets. Lisa. Apple II. MAC. iPod. iPhone. Now iPad.

I have been following different perspectives of the iPad and iPhone, Netbooks, and changes in the enterprise and various business scenarios regarding mobility. The iPad has received many reviews both positive and negative but once we get by the early adopters who just have to have every new electronic gadget - especially when it's an Apple i-anything, it will find its way into the hearts and briefcases of many! I do love my iPhone as many of you who know me already know, but the iPad is a different beast even if some call it an over sized iPhone!

iPad: Apple's Web Site

So lets explore why it will be a huge success:

  • Price: $499 (small premium for an Apple Device of such capability)
  • Screen Size: 9.7 inch diagonal
  • Weight: 1.5-1.6 pounds
  • Capabilities:
    • Web, 
    • Email, 
    • Digital Photo Box, 
    • Video, 
    • iTunes, 
    • App Store, 
    • eBooks,
    •  Calendaring
    • Contacts
    • Slides (Keynote)
  • Accessories:
    •  Keyboard
    • Wireless
    • Projector Connection
    • Camera
Most important of all: enterprises are starting to let employees "bring your own" mobile phones/devices and this opens the door for both iPhone and iPad to penetrate the masses. With the success of the iPhone and it's Apps, the iPad will follow suit and be equally attacked by apps. VoIP calls without a cell phone provider to save costs. Powerful. Flexible.

Businesses and Enterprises: are you buying an iPad? What other electronic devices do you use daily? I'd like to her success stories and maybe some challenges IT folks have managing all the disparate devices appearing under BYOP (Bring your own Phone) policies taking hold in many enterprises.

Marketing and Sales folks will use the iPads for presentations, contact management, calendaring, reading eBooks; while traveling will use their Slingo to watch TV through their home cable system - it's a nice sized screen! 

We'll explore more next week as I will be at VoiceCon and will hear more about this device and it's enterprise emergence!

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