Saturday, July 12, 2008

iPhone Day at Digium

Friday we had a short staff at the office. A fairly large contingent were in line at both ATT stores and the Apple store in the local new Bridge Street shopping district. The Digium folks started lining up early like 5 AM. By noon the first one showed up at the office, and by 2 PM the rest returned. As far as I know, all employees who waited received them. The Apple store had more of course than ATT did.

All were either waiting for syncing of the new units or it had just been completed so they could now twitter, text, email or surf. I don't have one as my entire family is on Verizon service, but ATT has done a tremendous job locking Apple and iPhone users into their service.

The unit is nice, nearly the exact size and weight of my Moto Q and of course both are color. But they are far from similar. My Q is great for conference calls as it has a terrific speaker phone, I have very nice Internet access, email and I like the size and weight. The iPhone however is beloved by those who buy them. I don't know a Moto Q user who can say that.

Reminds me of Asterisk - it is beloved by passionate Asterisk Community, users and developers. Can't say that about the big boys of IP Telephony!

I read one blog post today already that Asterisk download for the iPhone will be done sometime today. A Day in the life of Digium moves on!


Joe Panettieri said...

Can you clarify: When and how will Digium and/or Asterisk support the iPhone?

Digium Bill said...

Others are supporting the iPhone in the community and I have seen a blog or two. Today, using Asterisk or Switchvox you can forward your calls to your cell phone and if you don't answer, your call goes back into voice mail. That is how our employees are using it. We have development underway for mobile solutions, but nothing has been announced and no date is set. Thanks for the post and the interest.

Digium Bill said...

Wow.....I think there were 3 more iPhones the past two days. Momentum building here......

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