Thursday, July 12, 2007

CAPS Lock Key

Today I am sitting in a meeting with the company folks (From Sokol and Associates) we acquired this week. He has a MAC and I use a Dell Latitude 420. Now I had mistaken the ease of use of a MAC. The MAC and Dell have identical idiosyncrasies: The darn CAPS Lock Key! It's so easy for us non-typists to hit the CAPS Lock rather than the Shift A. or even just plain A.......

So Mr Jobs did NOT outdo anyone in PC Land with the keyboard. The UI might be greeat and easy and consistent, BUT Apple missed the boat fixing this frustrating key.

I am convinced: The CAPS LOCK key must be disabled until manufacturers move the key to the side or top function key line. I had one laptop years ago where the insert key was like this CAPS Lock. Now it's much harder on my Dell to hit by accident.

This is an unusual Digium post, but it's certainly happing at Digium today!

I hope this is the biggest challenge I get today!

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